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What is MySchool?

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MySchool is an online management site for schools and colleges using COA's programmes. The website provides:

  • a secure password-protected online portal allowing schools and colleges to use and store the valuable feedback information from both Preview and Centigrade
  • an archive of recently processed workbooks, online summary and duplicates available for download as PDF files
  • a complete history of orders with COA, with tracking information for new orders
  • for schools using direct online questionnaires, tracking and status of students as they complete their questionnaires

MySchool online portal offers:

  • the means of monitoring the research and work that each student is doing in MyCareersRoom, enabling staff to check progress if appropriate
  • an easily accessible storage archive for all nominated staff within a school
  • an invaluable back-up system if students lose workbooks
  • a facility for sharing documents in the end of year transition

If you have not been supplied with a username or password to gain access, please email us at or phone us on +44 (0)1362 688722.

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